Good news for our compatriots and friends in the Diaspora.
From now on you can buy products produced in Armenia and Artsakh in an affordable way and get them in 5-7 days.
By means of IPOST, you can send parcels, gifts, documents, letters, keys to your homeland, ARMENIA and ARTSAKH.
We will also help secure packing of goods, delivery to your apartment and acceptance from your appartment.

With IPOST, you can order small and large loads of cargo in full package starting from the provision of the container at the loading site and finishing with moving to the destination.

  • furniture
  • equipment
  • tools
  • technique
  • bicycles, cars, trucks, etc.

    • By providing import and export services IPOST will help you to carry cargo for business purposes

      • Customs clearance of goods;
      • Clear and precise processing of transportation documents;
      • Transpotation of dangerous goods
      • Transportation of loads of irregular sizes.

        • IPOST has created a platform where you can order products produced in your homeland and get them at your listed address.

          We also have the opportunity to have individual orders, being your intermediary partner in Armenia and Artsakh.